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About the labour law related changes in 2019: the cafeteria allowances and the taxes of the retired employee’s salary

The Act XLI of 2018 on the alteration of the tax law and other related acts, furthermore on the super-tax of immigration was published on 26 July, 2018 and it will significantly amend the system of the cafeteria allowances and makes the employment of the retired persons more favourable from the next year.

We summarize the essence of the changes as follows:

– only the so called “Széchenyi Pihenőkártya” (SZÉP Card) will remain in the favourable tax category (34,5% in the next year) with a frame of HUF 450.000.-/year;
– the following allowances fall under the tax category of 40,71% in the next year: SZÉP Card over the frame detailed above; gift voucher once a year, up to max. 10 % of the wage minimum;
– all other allowances will be calculated based on the general rules, with the general tax rate as salary in the next year.

What to do in connection with the above mentioned changes:
– review of the cafeteria policy;
– review and appropriate amendment of the documents containing the cafeteria allowances (employment contracts, information letters).

In the next year in case of pensioners employed under the Labor Code no social contribution and social contribution tax (szocho) have to be paid. With regard to that the pensioners (falling into the above mentioned category) will be not entitled to social security allowances.