Our principles

Our office was founded in 2003 with the aim of providing our Clients with flexible and efficient assistance in solving their problems. We have almost 40 years of experience and we are familiar with the world of large corporations and international consultancy. Our experienced but youthful team always tries to grasp the most exciting business processes from a legal perspective, exploring further opportunities when planning a business. The aim of our advisory activity is to ensure that conscious business leaders and owners become aware of the most relevant aspects so that they can make well-founded and responsible decisions regarding their businesses.

We do not believe we can do everything, nor do we want to. We strive to provide effective support in business advisory and wealth planning for individuals, depending on the situation and stage of life our Clients are in.

We aim to minimize the administrative burden on our Clients’ and our own daily lives. In this spirit, we strive to speed up and digitalize our processes in all areas, whether it is electronic administration or transparent reporting of our tasks.

Those who work with us know what to expect, whether it is planning a project or settling accounts between us. We set cost and timeframe and prepare a schedule before major planned work, so it is clear who will have what tasks and what deadlines to expect. Our internal record-keeping system is minute-based, thus our Clients know exactly how much time we spend on each job.

After we complete our daily work tasks, we all love spending time with our families and loved ones. We do not want to work overtime, our goal is to “be on our toes” during working hours. We try to provide a good standard of living in line with our successes for all our team members, while also striving to do our part to support those we are not in daily contact with. Accordingly, we are a constant supporter of UNICEF, SOS Gyermekfalvak and we regularly support initiatives and causes that are of value to us, such as our participation in the Budapest Bar Association’s Pro Bono Day.