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Employee Stock Ownership Program as a possible alternative to cafeteria

The Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) – which has been introduced in 2015 – may offer a beneficial and flexible alternative to cafeteria for employees from a taxation point of view.
The point of ESOP is that the company’s employees acquire shares in their employer. The main purpose of the ESOP system is to create ownership interest for the participating employees. Although the employees become owners, they do not have voting rights; therefore, they have no say in the employer’s operations. Their shares only entitle them to receive payments through the company.
The law on ESOP has been changed from 1 January 2019. In this context, existing legal rules have been clarified and additional guarantee rules for employee ownership interest have been established.
The greatest advantage of ESOP lies in its taxation. Rather than the employees would be a subject to a 45% tax burden on their salary, they may receive a part of their salary with only a 15% tax burden as an ’investment income’ through the ESOP.