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Amendment of the Labour Code

In case of executive employees the parties may deviate from the provisions of the Labour Code, except some provisions where the Labour Code expressly prohibits deviation. A new provision is that the employment contract of the executive employee shall not deviate from the provisions of § 128 of the Labour Code, meaning that the executive employee shall also be entitled to an unpaid leave until the child’s 3rd birthday for the purpose of childcare.

In case of pregnancy or human reproduction process, if the employee informs the employer on the above facts only after the termination notice has been handed over, the employer may unilaterally and without the employee’s consent decide to, but is not obliged to withdraw the termination notice within 15 days after the employee informed the employer on her condition.

§ 297 of the Labour Code has been replaced by new provisions. Pursuant to that, in case a foreign employee carries out work in Hungary in frame of cross-border provision of services, if the Hungarian party (receiver of the services) knows, or has reasonable grounds to know that the foreign employer has failed to comply with its obligation to pay wage and contributions after the employee, the Hungarian party will be jointly and severally liable with the foreign employer. It has also to be noted, that the parties may not vary from this provision in their contract.

As a general rule of the Labour Code a daily rest period of at least 11 hours shall be granted to the employees. The Labour Code contains several exceptions to this rule when a daily rest period of at least 8 hours is sufficient. From 2017 standby work will not be an exception any more, thus, 11 hours rest period has to be granted to these employees instead of the 8 hours presently stipulated by law.