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Certain Tax and Corporate Deadline and Processes

During the state of emergency and the implemented partial curfew, the continuous decision-making of companies could easily become impossible. In order to prevent this, as of 11 April 2020 different rules apply to the decision-making process of the obstructed companies, and the mandate term of certain company officers is also extended for this period.

By definition, the decision-making rules do not apply to companies not obstructed by the exceptional circumstances, for example in the case sole member companies.

During the emergency and until the 90th day after its end, the term of managing directors, board members (e.g. supervisory board members) and auditor may not be terminated as a result of expiration or resignation and these officers shall continue to carry out their duties during this time. This provision also applies to unhindered companies, but of course it is also possible to elect new officers during the state of emergency.

A new rule to be applied to all taxpayers is that the deadline for preparing, disclosing, depositing, publishing and submitting financial statements of the Accounting Act due after 22 April 2020 is extended until 30 September 2020. In the case of the main types of tax (corporate and dividend tax, small business tax, local business tax, etc.), the tax assessment, declaration and payment obligations, as well as the tax advance assessment and declaration obligation to be fulfilled simultaneously with the annual tax returns can also be fulfilled by this extended deadline.