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Aid Provided To Employment Is Very Limited

The Hungarian government announced that they are going to wage support the wages to those employees that who are still able to work.
The the maximum amount of Wage Subsidy shall be HUF 74,900 / employee. However, in order to request the employee and the employee jointly shall apply for the wage subsidy on cinditionsconditions that they both comply with even the company has to meet certain extensive criteria and which this further limits it’s use. The employers must also present its measures taken or is expected to take to overcome the economic difficulties and to exhaust the working time available for rescheduling work and that is operation is a national interest which is undefined category at the moment. Application for the Wage Subsidly may be submitted from the 16th of April 2020. In order to be eligible compliance with the strict requirements must be substantiated by fully comprehensive and detailed documentation. Should an application refused by the authority, no appeal or any legal way is allowed.

Government decree containing further derogations from the labour code for example:as the employers can unilaterally introduce a framework of working time up to 24 months.