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Terms of use

The present terms of use sets out the conditions of the usage of the website (“Website”) operated by a CLV Partners Law Firm (registered seat: 1126 Budapest, Tartsay Vilmos u. 3.; e-mail address: ; registered by Budapest Bar Association) („Law Firm” or „our Law Firm”) as well as the respective data privacy information.
By accessing and using the Website You, as user (“User”) declare to have read and accepted the present terms of use. Should you not agree with the terms and conditions of the present terms of use, please do not visit our Website.

[accordion] [accordion_item title=’I. USAGE OF THE WEBSITE‘]The present Website includes information in connection with the professional areas of the Law Firm, the aim of which is to present the operation of the Law Firm, further, to provide information about the actual amendments to the Hungarian laws and further legal actualities, as well as make contacting the Law Firm easier.
The present Website may be used by the Users without any registration; its content is freely accessible to the public.
The Law Firm does it outmost to the accuracy of the information and materials published on the Website, however, these are published only for information purposes and can never – under no circumstances – be considered as legal advice, further, cannot replace legal consultation extended to all relevant circumstances of the given case. With regard to the above – in the lack of any different legal provisions – the Law Firm expressly excludes any liability for direct or indirect damages arising from visiting or using the Website, further from the usage of any information published on the Website.
Information published on the Website does not establish any contractual relationship by and between the User and the Law Firm, further, does not qualify as bid or offer for bid. Should you have any legal questions in connection with the content of the Website or any information made there available, please be so kind as to contact our Law Firm.
The Law Firm reserves the right to alter or remove the Website or any part thereof, their arrangement, any materials shared on the Website, further, to amend the terms and conditions of the present terms of use. Any amendment to the terms and conditions of the present terms of use shall be considered as effective regarding the affected User after first visiting the Website following the amendment.

Intellectual property
Any materials whether narrative of pictorial, photos, trademarks, logos, graphic or other materials are copyright protected and fall under trademark protection. The User may use the copyright protected materials published on the Website in line with the provisions of Copyright Act (No 76 of 1999) concerning free use, including but not limited to the browsing of the Website, further, saving the parts of the Website and any written materials published on it on the User’s own computer’s hard drive or printing them for private purposes. Usage according to the provisions concerning free usage is allowed and free of any charge only to the extent when it is not harmful to the usage of any materials under copyright and does not cause unreasonable damages to the lawful interests of the Law Firm, further, if it complies with the obligation of fair usage and does not aim any goals not compliant with the principle of free usage.
Without the prior written approval of the Law Firm, the User is not entitled to use the trademark (with special regard to the word trade mark “CLV Partners”) and other signs, related designs of the Law Firm.
Unlawful usage of the Website, any intellectual property forming its material part or any materials publish on it, shall result in civil and criminal law consequences.

The Website includes or may include references to website operated by other persons or organizations which may be useful for the User in the given case. However, please consider that these websites shall be used in line with their terms of use, therefore, in case of their visits, we advise checking their terms of use.
The Law Firm puts special emphasis on including only such references on the Website which leads to reliable and professionally acknowledged websites, however, does neither undertake any responsibility for any information included therein, further, for any content showed on such websites and for any circumstances in connection with the website and the references, nor for any direct or indirect damages arising from them.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’II. DATA PRIVACY INFORMATION („INFORMATION”)‘]Before contacting us, please be so kind as to review the content of the Information. Please note that should you contact us through the Website, this will be considered as expressed acknowledgement and understanding of the content of this Information.
The present Information shall be applied to any and all data processes though the Website during which any natural person (“Affected Person”) contacts the Law Firm as data controller via e-mail, phone, facsimile, or post or submits a job application thorough any of the above channels.

Data processes through the Website

1. Contacting our Law Firm
Should the Affected Person request for any feedback or information in connection with any of his/her prior request, the Law Firm fixes the data of the Affected Person electronically which are processed by the Law Firm exclusively and only for the duration to provide the Affected Person with the response.
Please be informed that by contacting us, the Affected Person gives his/her expressed consent to the processing of his/her data according to Section 5 (1) a) of the Information Act (Act No 112 of 2011 about freedom of information and information self-determination right).
Our Law Firm controls the data provided by the Affected Person voluntarily in the course of contacting us (with special regard to the following data: name, e-mail address, phone number, facsimile number, data provided in connection with the requested information.) Only the colleagues of the Law Firm may have access to the data, to the extent necessary for the purpose of the data controlling, and our Law Firm does not engage any data processors.

2. Job applications
Our Law Firm as data controller also collects and controls data in connection with workforce selection (for the purpose of carrying out the recruitment and selection process, and later to get in contact with the applicant). For the above purposes private and sensitive data may be controlled by our Law Firm, should these be disclosed to us by the Affected Person when contacting us through the Website and applying for a job. The precondition of applying for a job is – irrespective of the way thereof – is the voluntary consent of the Affected Person, therefore, we inform the Affected Person that by the submission of his/her application she/he consents to the handling of his/her data.
Data being controlled: surname and last name, address, mobile phone number, e-mail address, schools and education, title, profession and professional experiences, language knowledge, present or past place of work (name), place and date of birth, photo, and any other data the controlling of which shall be deemed reasonable or that are provided by the Affected Person simultaneously with applying for a position. Any applications filed with us will be handled only for aim of the data handling, namely, until filling in the respective position. In case of specific requests, which the applicant may make through our contact details provided above, the applicant may request our Law Firm to keep his/her application data for 2 years from the end of the application process.
Only the colleagues of the Law Firm may have access to the data, to the extent necessary for the purpose of the data controlling, and our Law Firm does not engage any data processors.
The Affected Person shall be liable for the reality of the data provided under this section and should the Affected Person provide us with any data of any third persons, the Affected Person shall warrant that such data have been forwarded to our Law Firm lawfully and especially that the third person consented to their usage. The Affected Person shall refrain from breaching any patent, IP, copy and personal or other rights of any third persons.
Any improper statement, or hiding any data may result in the refusal or the application or later the termination of the employment of the Affected Person.

3. Newsletter
Should the Affected Person register to our newsletter services by giving his/her name and e-mail address on the Website, the Law Firm will submit approximately monthly one newsletter to the Affected Person. The Affected Person may resign from the Newsletter services through the Website or through sending an e-mail or letter to our Law Firm to any of the addresses and contract details set out above for free of charge without any reasoning.

4. Website
Please note that the Website does not use and contain any cookies and web beacons, references made from external servers and web-analytic tools.
Please be informed that an individual identifier (internet protocol, IP) shall be ordered usually in blocks per each country to any computer and equipment with Internet access. The IP address may be used to identify in which country, county, state the given computer has been connected to the internet. Googly Analytics collects these IP addresses in order for the owners of the websites have a view which country their websites are visited from.

Data Safety
In connection with the data controlling activities, our Law Firm has complied with the data safety rules and has formed its data management processes by considering the protection of the Affected Persons’ private sphere. Our computer system is protected with firewall and we also take care of the virus protection of our network. We continuously review the technical prescriptions according to the statues of technic from time to time and amend it when and where necessary.
Please note that electronical messages forwarded though the internet are vulnerable against network threats. Our Law Firm makes the steps necessary and generally acceptable for ensuring protection against such threats.

Rights of the Affected Person
The Affected Person may request for information in connection with the management of his/her data, request for the correction, deletion or distrain of the data, further may exercise the rights set out in Section 14-19 of the Information Act. further, the Affected Person may object the controlling of the data or in case of the breach of his/her rights, further, in cases set out in Section 21 of the Information Act may turn to the court against the Law Firm – including the court of tribunal competent at the permanent or temporary address of the Affected Person – as well as to the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.; postal address: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5.; tel.: 36(1)391-1400; e-mail: ; website:

Our Law Firm reviews the present document from time to time and whenever it deems necessary may amend the content thereof unilaterally, therefore, please make sure to reivew it before getting in touch with us.
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