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Changes in the enviromental taxes

The amendments of the Act No LXXXV. of 2011 on the environmental product tax. The regulation of the environmental product tax has been amended with effect from 2016. In this newsletter we would like to draw the attention to the main changes as follows:

1. Payment obligation of the environmental product tax:
a) Inventory purchase: According to the latest amendments to the act on the environmental product tax, the payment of the environmental product tax is mandatory not only in case of placing on the market or using for own purpose such products, but also in case of purchasing them for inventory, if the obliged person chooses the date of the purchasing for inventory as the date when his payment obligation arises, and he notifies the tax authority within 15 calendar days from the beginning of the activity or in case of continuous function until 31 of January of the current year, about his choice.

b) Packaging waste: The range of the obliged persons has also been extended. Thus, the person who puts the packaging material which has been produced abroad on the Hungarian market at the first time, and the first inland holder of the packaging waste formed from the unwrapped packaging, will be also obliged to pay the environmental product tax. The latter provision will be notable especially for logistic centres.

c) So-called triangle transactions: In accordance with the amendment, an obligation for paying environmental product tax does not arise in case of selling an environmental product to an inland purchaser, if after that the product will be delivered or dispatched abroad. The condition of this was previously that the seller himself had to deliver or dispatch the product.

2. Default surcharge:
The default surcharge has been implemented in the act as a new provision, which has to be calculated on the basis of the provisions of the act on the taxation in case of late payment or incomplete payment of the environmental product tax. Also, in case of undue use of budget supports a default surcharge has to be paid after the amount and period defined in the act.

3. Definitions:
The amendments affected the definitions of the act as well. Definitions such as packaging, commercial packaging, commercial packaging material, flat rate of product tax (among others) have been supplemented. Further, the range of the definitions has also been extended with the terms element of the packaging, component of the packaging, part of the packaging, packaging waste, building product,  motor vehicle, craft products, crafting activity, large industrial tool, deficit of the product tax, margin of the product tax, product tax debt, tariff heading.

4. Others:
Further to the above, the detailed rules regarding the flat rate of the product tax, the measure of the efficiency of waste management, product tax recovery and the product tax penalty have been clarified by the latest amendment.

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