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Data protection

Since the adoption of the data privacy Directive of the European Union and its implementation by the member states, the area of data privacy has become increasingly significant, in connection with which our La Firm frequently provides legal advice and practical solutions to its clients.

Data privacy law is one of the most dynamic-developing areas. Participants of the business life shall comply with the demand to apply more and more new technical achievements (e.g. cloud computing) by considering the individual's information right in the frame of the respective laws. CLV Partners is involved in various projects where the content of the commercial agreements shall be formed by taking the above demands into consideration.

The lawyers of the data privacy focus group regularly deal with data privacy questions arising from employment relationships, including but not limited to the preparation of data privacy information letters and documents, SOPS and the respective data privacy clauses of employment contracts as well as the development and review of whistle-blowing rules or the review of the data privacy aspects of the „bring-your-own-device" issues.

Further to dealing with data privacy issues in connection with employment, CLV Partners is involved and provides legal advice in various international projects. Currently, one of our most important projects is to provide our clients with legal support in connection with the Hungarian implementation of the EFPIA's Transparency Code. Our legal work is not limited only to giving advice but we also take part in drafting the respective SOPs, procedural rules, data privacy information letters to be published on the company websites, etc.
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